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A Cole Custom Gun Starts With The Customer

From the design to delivery, the Cole Team focuses on the individual customer through each step of production. Start with a fitting for a gun profile uniquely suited to you; choose an action, gauge, and barrel length; select your engraving style and imported walnut blank.

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A perfectly fitted stock is essential to optimum performance and accuracy. The shooter must have correct fitting stock dimensions. To work out these important dimensions, the shooter generally spends a couple of hours with a qualified gun fitter. Schedule a gun fitting at one of our 4 locations or at times, we can refer customers to gun fitters we recommend.


Decide on the type of gun you want including manufacturer, gauge and barrel length. Visit one of our showrooms, we have a fine collection of guns and Cole Custom Shotguns on display. If we don’t have what you want, we are happy to order the gun meeting your desired specifications.


Decide on your custom features. Do you want a gun with standard appearance but with a beautiful upgrade stock and forend made to your specific dimensions? Do you want a hand-engraved, one of a kind heirloom gun? Select your wood and engraving pattern online or in person at Cole Gunsmithing.

We can assist in working out the details and provide you with a quotation of cost and delivery time. We encourage our customers to make an appointment to visit Cole Gunsmithing, where our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the components we use to create your dream gun. We are professionals and welcome the opportunity to ensure your custom gun will far exceed your expectations and provide many years of use.


Experience Fine European Shotgun Quality & Vast Customization

Cole Custom Shotguns Built in the USA by the Team at Cole Fine Guns & Gunsmithing

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The Fitting Process


Essential to Optimum Performance and Accuracy

We are able to assist our customers in determining the correct specifications for their custom stock, or custom gun, as we do fittings by appointment. We can also refer our customers to a stock fitter in their area in order to help them determine their correct stock dimensions.

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How do you make sure your gun fits?

The first thing to consider when purchasing a shotgun or making modifications to one you already own is gun fit. How do you make sure your gun fits? At Cole Gunsmithing, we strive help you understand the dynamics of a well-fitting shotgun. If you are a new shooter, it may take some time to develop a consistent gun mount, so modifications should be loose enough to change as a shooter improves and develops his or her style.

After a bit of time out on the clays course, shooting enthusiasts may recognize issues or “problem” areas. For instance, you may shoot behind the target, or over the target. Maybe your cheek and/ or shoulder are really take a beating. Perhaps the balance doesn’t seem quite right. Your shotgun may not fit you properly, and you may be compromising proper form and technique in order to overcome these rather unpleasant occurrences.

The Ideal Shotgun Fit is Very Personal.

It has to do with everything from gender, body shape, eye dominance, left or right-handed. Since most guns are made for right-handed shooters, the lefties of the shooting world are presented with the challenge of finding a good left-handed gun with an uncompromising fit. It is often a challenge for women too, whose arms are usually shorter, their cheekbones higher, necks longer etc…

Standard Shotguns are designed for a male right-handed shooter who is 5-foot-9, weighs 165 pounds, with a 33-inch arm length and wears a size 40-regular suit. For women, lefties and folks who don’t fit that description a visit to a gun stock fitter and stock maker like Rich Cole, will have you on your way to improved stats not to mention having a great deal more fun!

How Will Your Shotgun Be Used?

Once you address your physical challenges, another important consideration is whether your shotgun is for skeet, trap, sporting clays or field use, for example. The swings are different, the target sight picture is different and generally the stocks and ribs are different.

Rich and his Team can build a stock of the finest hardwood blank or modify an existing stock to meet the needs of a variety of shooters. Maybe you need an adjustable comb, allowing you to raise or lower your face on the stock, or perhaps an adjustable recoil pad that can be canted to any angle and adjusted to the proper height. Maybe a simple trigger or length of pull adjustment is in order.


Schedule a Fitting Consultation with Cole Fine Guns

We will work with you to create a stock that fits your personal dimensions and shooting preferences.

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Cole Custom Wood Sets


Shoot with Pride, Shoot with a Cole Custom.

Take advantage of our modern CNC machining, combined with old world craftsmanship. By working one on one with clients, Cole Gunsmithing is able to ensure a correct fit for each individual. Through a meticulous attention to detail, we bring out the unique beauty hidden within your hand-selected wood blank. Cole Custom Stocks will have you shooting more accurately and more comfortably.

Duplication of your pattern stock with our 3D scanner available for many makes and models.

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Choose the Perfect Stock Blank

Rich travels to Italy to hand-select our large selection of class 3 through 5 wood blanks for Beretta (semi-auto and 680 series), Perazzi, Blaser, Krieghoff and Zoli shotguns guns. Customers can expect a class 3 blank to
be carved into a beautiful AA to AAA grade stock. Our ultra-high-end class 4-5 blanks will produce an exhibition-grade stock.

Visit our Maine or Florida showrooms to hand-select the perfect blank for your custom shotgun. If you can’t make it to visit we’d be happy to schedule a video consultation with you to get a more personal viewing of our available blanks.

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Custom Made Perfection

The finest Turkish Walnut brought to life through unsurpassed American craftsmanship. Our expert craftsmen use the highest quality material and attention to detail.

Nothing compares to the joy, pride, and pleasure of shooting a Cole Custom. A perfectly fitted, custom stocked shotgun, which can be passed down in the family for generations to come.

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Custom Finishing and Checkering

Options range from basic checkering to Fleur de Lis patterns, point patterns, ribbons, and custom checkering with detailed border engraving. After checkering, your stock is prepared for final finish and fitting. Finish options range from hand rubbed oil, tru-oil, spray finish, and urethane or epoxy.


Nothing Compares to a Cole Custom Made Wood Set

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Custom Shotgun Parts


Larry Cole grew up working beside his father Rich at the gunsmithing bench at Cole Gunsmithing. He has dedicated his professional career to machine tool technology and has extensive experience in working with extremely close tolerances. Larry worked for a Maine- based machine shop producing short-run prototype parts before following the family down to Florida in 2013. He produces improved parts, adjustable stock hardware, and choke tubes for the family business, through Cole Machine, LLC.

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A Growing Line of Cole Improved Shotgun Parts

Over the years Rich and Larry have come to know the flaws and shortcomings of many of the mass produced shotgun parts on the market. Through careful design and testing they have developed a growing line of “Cole Improved” parts to rectify these issues. Products with the Cole Machine logo have been developed and designed by Rich Cole and Larry Cole and precision machined by Larry at Cole Machine to meet the highest standards in fit and performance.

Cole Machine, LLC offers a unique expertise and service menu unlike most machine shops. Cole Machine offers CAD services, 3-D modeling, programming, fixturing for larger production manufacturing facilities, designing, building, and installing fully automated machine fixtures.

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Cole Adjustable Butt Plate

Our Cole Adjustable Butt plate enables the shooter to quickly and easily change position of the pad with the “through the pad” design. Our redesigned locking nut and machined 6061 Aluminum plates allow us to install these on the smallest, shortest stocks out there, while still locking the adjustable plate securely without the pad losing its position.

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Cole Grip Weight System

Our grip weight system is comprised of a Stainless Steel cylindrical housing with a threaded screw cap. The unit accepts up to (3) 25 gram weights to allow you to achieve perfect balance.

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Cole 12GA & 20GA Choke Wrench

Our reel style choke tube wrench allows for quick removal and insertion of your chokes. Compatible with 4 notch style chokes; including, Beretta MobilChoke, Optima HP, Perazzi, Zoli, Blaser,F.A.I.R and more!

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Cole Precision Chokes

Designed for the Beretta OBHP Barrel System. These chokes stay tight and throw impressive patterns with a variety of ammo; and are specifically designed for clay shooting. Manufactured with 17-4 PH Stainless Steel. Our choke tubes have been designed and manufactured in-house to deliver the best quality and performance available

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Cole 4 & 6 Way Adjustable Combs

The new Cole 6-way adjustable comb allows the shooter to achieve dimensions that they would otherwise be unable to with most other adjustable combs on the market.

The 6-way feature not only moves up/down/left/right but tips forward and rearward to obtain a move parallel dimension. Machined from Domestic 6061-T6 Aluminum and 304 Stainless Steel. Quality parts paired with careful attention to fit and finish makes for a 6-way comb of the highest quality possible.

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Cole Custom Engraved Grip Cap

By partnering with our long-time engraver, we are proud to introduce our Cole Custom engraved grip caps. Our caps are fully customizable at your discretion and are hand engraved and inlaid by Tom Fort. Tom has decades of knowledge under his belt and has an incredible talent stemming from his years of training under numerous Master Engravers.


Unique Expertise & Unparalleled Service

Cole Machine offers CAD services, 3-D modeling, programming, fixturing for larger production manufacturing facilities, designing, building, and installing fully automated machine fixtures.


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